Experience & Credentials

The Principal of InDepth, Frank Owen, served twenty-eight years as a Seaman Officer in the RAN including:

  • Twenty years' experience in submarines
  • Command of the Australian Joint Acoustic Analysis Centre
  • Command of HMAS BENDIGO
  • Executive Director of the RAN SUBSAFE Program
  • Project Director for the acquisition of an entirely new air-portable, offshore-capable system of submarine rescue using a remotely operated rescue vehicle (RORV) known as Remora
  • Subsequently engaged by the Defence Materiel Organisation to assist in coordination of the Collins class capability enhancement program.
  • In 2000, he was a National Finalist in the Enterprise Development Institute of Australia Business Awards, receiving the award for Best Financial Package.

    Recent Contracts

  • Submarines Branch (DMO): Capability Coordinator, Collins class submarines, Engineering Feasibility Study - Special Forces and Submarines, Submarine Escape and Rescue Concept of Operations.
  • Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand: Audited Safety Case for tourist submersible 'Antipodes'.
  • Collins System Program Office (SPO): Reviewed contractor performance for Submarine Escape and Rescue Service (SERS);
  • Maritime Ranges SPO: developed Safety Cases for all ADF Maritime Ranges, designed Safety Management System for RAN Ranges and Assessing Unit;
  • Capability Development Executive: SEA 1439 Phase 5 - Continuous Improvement Program. Developed Capability Definition Documentation for CIP. JP 2048 Phase 4C - developed options report for Strategic Sealift.
  • SEA 1439 Phase 4A - supported System Safety Program for Collins class submarines Replacement Combat System project.
  • Rapid Prototyping, Development and Evaluation (RPDE): Conducted Quicklooks into Collins submarine sonar upgrade options and submarine communications upgrade options. Provided support to Networked ASW Task as Subject Matter Expert.


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